I have been a patient of Dr. Arshadi for about 10 years and have found her to be an excellent dentist who goes out of her way to make sure you are satisfied with the results. I have had fillings, root canals, a partial denture and the usual cleanings with excellent results. The office is immaculate, comfortable and beautifully decorated. The hygienist, Heather, is so friendly, warm and gentle.

Jeanne K.
May 19, 2010

I recently had the most awful tooth pain that if I hadn’t had a child I probably would’ve thrown myself off the bridge and one day I was driving through Carver and drove by Dr. Arshadi’s sign, called, explained my problem and how I am very afraid of going to the dentist. They fit me in the next day and I saw the hygienist, Heather, for about an hour while she took x-rays and explained everything very clearly! She was the nicest hygienist I have ever worked with. Knowing how much pain I was in she was soooo gentle. She explained and then the Dr. explained that I needed to have some teeth pulled.

Two days later I returned to have them pulled. For me to be able to have teeth pulled while awake I had to be extremely comfortable. Dr Arshadi numbed my mouth and while waiting she could tell how afraid I was so she rubbed my head and tried very hard to calm me down. She then had Heather come in to help relax me and they pulled my teeth together. I have never felt so at ease in the dentist and felt as though they really knew what they were doing until I went to Dr. Arshadi’s office.

That night the Dr. called to see how I was doing, re-explained some things and the next morning when I called to asked a question the Dr got on the phone herself. And again when I called Sunday night the Dr. answered her office number and wasn’t upset I bothered her at all! Everyone that works in that office is amazing and kind, i have already recommended this office to some of my friends and will continue to do so. I badly need to get back on track with my teeth and I will totally be doing so at this office with Heather, Jean and Dr. Arshadi!!! Thank you soooo much!!!

Andrea W.
May 17, 2010

She went above and beyond what was expected.

My 7 year old son lost a filling on a molar over the weekend and was in an extreme amount of pain. The dentist we usually see did not have anyone covering for him and we were told to wait until Tuesday. I called Dr. Arshadi’s office and was able to speak to her directly. She told me how to keep him comfortable, and saw him right away on Monday. Although we were not patients at the time, she went above and beyond to help a little boy. She was kind, knowledgable, and compassionate. My son felt very comfortable with her and she did a fantastic job fixing his tooth! She even called that night to check on him. She is a wonderful dentist!

Pamela M.
June 27, 2006